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Steve Hall (Singer/Songwriter) debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall—Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.



The Pearls B4 Pigs banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America. more at Pearls B4 Pigs webpage...


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Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall”

On September 5th, 2013, Singer/Songwriter Steve Hall debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall-Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it ‘, in which its motivations are personal and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

Tunecore is the home for distribution and administration of Steve’s works, which will be split between studio recordings that include contributions by Nashville recording artists, which Steve coins as the ‘Mugicians’, and ‘Shack’ recordings recorded primarily by himself.


Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall” Album

Genre: Rock/Pop


Listen to Can You Feel It My Own Dylan Song (featuring the Nashville Mugicians)

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Spin Balance Book

(Preview) A story done by “Shall’  J.S. Hall

The book has reached page 380 now and we are actively seeking representation and weighing marketing options.


Spin balance is estimated to conclude around page 500 so it’s getting close to completion, This story is told with prose and dialogue. Spin balance “Forbidden” read more


Political Writings


You cannot afford the affordable care act

You are going to need to trust someone and it should be yourself. I prefer your attention because you don’t trust me so please don’t, but admit the truth at least to yourself. Don’t be surprised if you find your story in this story.


Suppose I tell you that before your 40 hour work week was cut to twenty-five hours, your ten dollar per hour wage paid you $400.00 per week. Of that pay you received about $316.00 that you could take home. Take home pay at eight dollars per hour is about $252.00.


Let’s stick with the ten dollar wage to keep it simple. Figure four weeks in a month and add $105.00 for the extra days gives you $1369.00 take home for the month. Now take out $500.00 for rent, $350.00 for food, $100.00 for gas, $75.00 for car insurance and $75.00 for your phone. That leaves $269.00 disposable income for you each month.


Now a little story about my health insurance from just before Obamacare passed.


My policy started out at $154.00 per month and I was required to pay the first $10,000.00 of my healthcare expense myself before my insurance plan would pay anything. The $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) I was responsible for is called my ‘deductable’. So each year I would need to pay my premium $1,848.00 plus my deductable which adds up to $11,848.00 before my health insurance would begin to pay. But there is a problem, because I would somehow need to come up with $987.33 each month to pay the premiums and the deductible and that’s more money than I had left each month…


And that’s a problem for you too because it’s more money than you have left each month…in fact figuring ten dollars per hour it comes out to $718.33 more than you have each month and that is not affordable. So were talking about paying $154.00 per month for something neither you or I will ever be able to afford to use and if you had to pay my premium your $269.00 drops to $115.00.


But then Obamacare was going to be passed and in a few months my premium increased from $154.00 to $182.00 ($28.00 more each month). I still couldn’t afford to use it and my payment took the money I could use to see a doctor or go to urgent care.


At fourteen months my premium increased from $188.00 to $238.40 and now let’s turn the conversation back to you and the $269.00 dollars you have left over each month because a $238.40 payment leaves you with $30.60 to ‘go wild’ with and it gets worse.


Since I lost my insurance ( I wasn’t using it anyway) I started paying attention and a news segment showed the Obamacare website where the base premium for essentially the same policy I once had now costs $470.35 each month. The applicant was eligible for a subsidy of $208.88 which made the monthly payment only $261.47.


So we are expected to believe that an insurance policy with a $10,000.00 deductible that costs $5,644.20 each year is somehow affordable? And if you were to purchase this policy with the government subsidy you would still pay $3,137.64 for it.


Now if you do make ten dollars an hour and do have $269.00 left over after paying everything but cable do you want to keep $7.53 for yourself and pay the government $261.47 on a health insurance premium for a plan you have absolutely no hope of ever using? Really?


The government wants four out of ten health exchange applicants to be young and healthy but what they actually want is for them to be young and wealthy because after they pay their monthly healthcare insurance premium they will no longer be wealthy. They’ll be tapped.


So to distract you from the fact that almost every cent you have left over will be spent on an insurance premium they talk about increasing the minimum wage. Ok, let’s assume that was possible. If all the rest of your bills stayed the same you would have $403.50 each month until you paid your premium and afterward you would have $142.03 but there is a problem…


More income means less subsidy and your $261.47 premium starts to climb up towards that $470.35 value by some amount. In fact an increase in your wage could result in your insurance premium increasing more than your wage increase causing you to lose money in the process.


See… that is the ‘good news’ about the ‘affordable’ care act (ACA/Obamacare). Look at your own pay stubs to see if I am lying to you. Hopefully your hours haven’t been cut back from 40 to less than 25 hours per week because then you really can’t afford the ‘affordable’ care act.


And since the premium cost shot up from $154.00 before Obamacare to $470.35 after Obamacare good luck with those premiums not shooting up again by as much or more.


So my question to you is this… if you spend most of your disposable income on an insurance premium for a policy you can’t afford to use what are you going to pay with if you get hurt and have to see a doctor?


Do you really believe that the free preventative care that comes with the new policy is a good value when it costs you $3,137.64 each year for the insurance policy alone? I said no and now I have a much better shot at actually seeing a doctor in an emergency than I did when so much of my money was going to an insurance payment. I have permanent injuries that went untreated for lack of money when I had health insurance but that can’t happen to you, right?


Millions of people having a monthly insurance payment is not the same thing as millions of people actually having medical coverage. You may have to pay a few premiums to understand but I bet you’ll eventually figure it out. See for yourself, you can’t pretend this one away.


An editorial written by - JS Hall   camaswindsmusic@yahoo.com


Look at it this way PB4P5

If the inverse of the Obamacare contraception mandate was true we would actually be forcing pro-abortion people to save babies’ lives. Sounds kind of evil.


Concerning the comparison between Barack Obama’s (and incidentally Hillary Clinton’s) Benghazi-gate and Richard Nixon’s Watergate beside the fact that no Americans were actually murdered in Watergate, both were mostly about pre-election politics though the actions that covered up the terrorist attack achieved re-election while the Watergate tapes did not.


Where to begin PB4P6

With so many arguments to choose from it becomes increasingly easier to simply tune out to everything going on, or as most would say ‘going wrong’ today. But my conversation is with those of you who have chosen to tune out so far and allow your government to do the ‘right thing’ for you.


Now you have to tune out again in light of your decisions.


I’ve heard your crap.


“Those greedy rich businesses should be forced to pay more! We deserve a $15.00 per hour minimum wage!”


“The Republicans are out to ‘get’ the poor! They hate women and minorities! They are bigots who want to keep the black man down and deny us healthcare!”


“The Democrats want ‘social justice’ and ‘amnesty’ for illegal aliens. They fight for the poor and support welfare, free healthcare and ‘choice’ for women!”



Winning Elections PB4P4

So I would say hold true to your beliefs, cherish them within your home and community, but then sit on them when you are trying to ally with people who hold precious beliefs that differ from your own, yet who desire to unite with you on common principles.

It is their America too.


Ukraine read more

While it still is a free country for expressing concerns and ideas, I would like to know if the annexation of Crimea was what US President Obama was referring to when he told Russian President Putin and I paraphrase ‘I will have more room to move after the election’.

Is that why the official US response has been so measured?


The Liar is still a liar read more

The opening statement is somewhat inflammatory, but in your heart do you have any doubt as to who the statement is talking about? Didn’t think so.


Julie Banderas of Fox News is a hetrophobe read more

Phil Robertson expressed in crude terms, his absence of understanding as to the orifice of preference, by males in the homosexual community. His observation by definition of the term was not only factual, but also an accurate assessment, pardon the pun.


A question of Socialism read more

You do not get to keep your health insurance. It was never intended that you would. The Affordable care act (Obamacare) is the conclusion of Liberty in America. There is no tomorrow that would change that and the damage has already been accomplished.


Mr. President these people have names read more