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Steve Hall (Singer/Songwriter) debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall—Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

The Pearls B4 Pigs

banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America.

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The Liar is still a liar

The opening statement is somewhat inflammatory, but in your heart do you have any doubt as to who the statement is talking about? Didn’t think so..read more


Julie Banderas

Fox News is a hetrophobe

Phil Robertson expressed in crude terms, his absence of understanding as to the orifice of preference, by males in the homosexual community. His observation by definition of the term was not only factual, but also an accurate assessment, pardon the pun..read more


A question of Socialism

You do not get to keep your health insurance. It was never intended that you would. The Affordable care act (Obamacare) is the conclusion of Liberty in America. There is no tomorrow that would change that and the damage has already been accomplished.. read more


Mr. President these people have names read more


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Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall”

On September 5th, 2013, Singer/Songwriter Steve Hall debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall-Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it ‘, in which its motivations are personal and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

Tunecore is the home for distribution and administration of Steve’s works, which will be split between studio recordings that include contributions by Nashville recording artists, which Steve coins as the ‘Mugicians’, and ‘Shack’ recordings recorded primarily by himself.


Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall” Album

Genre: Rock/Pop


Listen to Can You Feel It My Own Dylan Song (featuring the Nashville Mugicians)

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Watch my video Can you feel it


Spin Balance Book

(Preview) A story done by “Shall’ J.S. Hall

The book has reached page 380 now and we are actively seeking representation and weighing marketing options. Spin balance is estimated to conclude around page 500 so it’s getting close to completion, This story is told with prose and dialogue. Spin balance

“Forbidden” read more



Political Writings


Article 12/26/2014

FTFO (Figure The Odds)


Ok pearls, let me make this short for your ADD…


You need to check yourself. You need to figure out who you are protesting with. You are placing your own life in danger when you threaten the police, or disrespect them, or throw rocks at them, or kill them, because they serve to protect people like me and people like me will protect them even if it means stopping you cold.


That’s not a threat, or rhetoric, but rather the logical conclusion of where you are taking this.


Question your leaders who shout socialism as the solution. Socialism is a totalitarian state where the government oppression you now protest runs and owns everything! Which means you are protesting for the very same thing you are protesting against, which makes you stupid.


At least bother to see the vile movement you are associating yourself with, or don’t you care?


The sign that says “Paid Activist” is telling the truth. The signs that say “Socialism is the only solution” are revealing the goal and your little distinction of race, gender, or sexual identity serve only as useful tactics to be discarded once the destination is reached.


Follow the links AFSCME, ANSWER COALITION.ORG! They will take you to a link where you can be trained and paid as an activist for the socialist movement. Your audience before my ears ends at the moment you become a professional socialist activist.


The professional protester next to you has been taught to understand how to conduct civil unrest in a manner such that they do not end up dead. Do you?


You throw a rock, bottle, brick, or point a gun… or even act like you are pointing a gun and you can end up dead, legally… so don’t be that much of an idiot.


If you want to live here is how. Stop, freeze, do not move… speak slowly, politely and thoughtfully… put your attitude in check and don’t assume anything at all about the motivations of the officer who stands before you.


In a charged social environment it is too easy to think you are being targeted as some kind of victim. Well, acting like an indignant targeted victim can be the very thing that gets you killed, so don’t do it. Would you rather be an angry statistic, or a polite survivor?


An editorial written by - JS Hall

Email: steve@higherelevations.com




Article 11/26/2014

There were three primary victims in Ferguson Missouri.


The first one was a store manager accosted by a large young man who was taking cigars from his store without paying for them.


The second was the young man who took the cigars. Why did he think that was ok?


The third was a young police officer who happened into the crosshairs of the incident.


There are always people who by no fault of their own find themselves in the crosshairs of some perpetuation of violence whether it’s an instance of domestic violence a robbery or a barroom brawl. When it happens they become victims and it replays in their mind as they are changed.


In order of magnitude my thoughts and prayers go out first to the parents of Michael Brown specifically his father who searches for answers while asking the community to respect his son’s death and asks everyone to seek non-violent constructive hope going forward. He sounds like a good father and I am sorry for his loss.


In reflection I am writing this article in effort to respect his wishes. I care about them and believe many others do as well.


My second concern is for the police officer Darren Wilson and his family. Their lives were changed forever. I bet he wasn’t expecting the events to follow when he went to work that morning.


As the media spin unfolded and some concluded officer Wilson as a racist something didn’t add up. An officer assaulted by two men has the right to use lethal force in self defense. Why would a racist murder one of them and leave a witness?


Finally, someone in the store called 911. They may be having second thoughts about doing so in the future given the results. If you are accosted don’t hesitate… make the 911 call.


None of these victims were responsible for the death of Michael Brown.


The perpetrator was us. The collective us and the weapon was predisposition.


A culture where the music proclaims that it is ok for a gangster “gangsta” to pop a cap in 5.0 and destroy his cracker ass… or in a brother because “The law don’t live in the streets. The law of the streets is the streets.”


The predisposition is that civil authority is simply a benign word and that white people are somehow less than human. Cultivating such belief within any ethnic culture is racist and it’s evil.


The way you approach authority you believe to be irrelevant or a person you see as less than a person is cold arrogant and indifferent. What the authority or person sees is someone approaching with dead eyes which over time instant or long may predispose them to see you as less than human. The exchange is a dangerous practice.


When the social lines of our culture are drawn to somehow justify taking something that doesn’t belong to us, something we haven’t paid for (and why not…because the less than human obstacle before us is probably part of Wall Street) we breed a survival of the fittest culture over a civil society where everyone is respected.


It’s on the streets in the graffiti in the music and on the airwaves. The drum beats 24/7 and tolerance is eventually eroded into us as the norm becomes more intense more brutal and more vulgar.

If you are a target of this culture you eventually become predisposed to expect and prepare for the worst even if you still cling to the hope of the best. As a store manager whose been violated or officer tasked to control the chaos your eyes are at risk to become dead as well.


And then there is the slow absorption of resentment and violation that seeps in due to special treatment preferential to one class over another. While created with the best of intentions such practices defeat the harmony that should bond all cultures together.


All we have then is star points of friends who come together in spite of the adverse social stimuli to create their own micro-bond to confront the aggression of ignorance. It’s how they explain it reason it and lift themselves above it.


You want proof?


If a young white man took cigars from a store then assaulted the police officer that tried to stop him he might well be shot and killed in the conflict but…


No busses would offload from Chicago, Philadelphia and New York with paid riot activists seeking to destroy capitalist properties and agitate a contest of race. Dignitaries of race would not arrive to elevate the anger and dissent. Continued






The Pearls B4 Pigs Banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America. more at Pearls B4 Pigs webpage


Remember Fallen Heroes


A Time of Remembrance

Was September 27, 2014, it is a statewide event planned to honor the families and comrades of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska's Fallen during this Global War on Terrorism. This tribute, being held in the cities of Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and West Richland, Washington, honor those who have died for their country and the families left behind. The 2014 "Time of Remembrance" committee, was leading this effort.

You might have seen Steve performing at these events with others. Please follow this link to see photos of the event.




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