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Steve Hall (Singer/Songwriter) debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall—Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

The Pearls B4 Pigs

banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America.

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Free Radical Press


The Liar is still a liar

The opening statement is somewhat inflammatory, but in your heart do you have any doubt as to who the statement is talking about? Didn’t think so..read more


Julie Banderas

Fox News is a hetrophobe

Phil Robertson expressed in crude terms, his absence of understanding as to the orifice of preference, by males in the homosexual community. His observation by definition of the term was not only factual, but also an accurate assessment, pardon the pun..read more


A question of Socialism

You do not get to keep your health insurance. It was never intended that you would. The Affordable care act (Obamacare) is the conclusion of Liberty in America. There is no tomorrow that would change that and the damage has already been accomplished.. read more


Mr. President these people have names read more


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Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall”

On September 5th, 2013, Singer/Songwriter Steve Hall debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall-Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it ‘, in which its motivations are personal and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

Tunecore is the home for distribution and administration of Steve’s works, which will be split between studio recordings that include contributions by Nashville recording artists, which Steve coins as the ‘Mugicians’, and ‘Shack’ recordings recorded primarily by himself.


Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall” Album

Genre: Rock/Pop


Listen to Can You Feel It My Own Dylan Song (featuring the Nashville Mugicians)

Label: Camas Winds  Google Play Download

Watch my video Can you feel it


Spin Balance Book

(Preview) A story done by “Shall’  J.S. Hall

The book has reached page 380 now and we are actively seeking representation and weighing marketing options. Spin balance is estimated to conclude around page 500 so it’s getting close to completion, This story is told with prose and dialogue. Spin balance

“Forbidden” read more


Political Writings


Top Ramen

http://www.higherelevations.com/Top Ramen.docx

If you are a Democrat you are right to be confused because it seems as if your compass for everything you believe in has a needle made out of Top Ramen and you can’t figure out where the heck it’s pointing half the time. It gives you a sense that something’s not right.


There’s a reason for that and it has to do with theft of the distinction of ‘Democrat’.


Long ago Democrats were farmers, butchers, laborers and tradesmen while Republicans owned the machines of industry.


Then one day the Democrat figured out he could use the government to apply force to make management conform to the demands of labor. A new management was formed in the process and it was called ‘big labor’. Government focus shifted from civil service to life management.


At the same time the Republican found it easier to woo one customer, the government with lavish compromise trading independence for lucrative contracts. Government’s purse strings belonged to the people but government now managed the people so few questions were tolerated.


Pretty soon these public/private partnerships changed and grew into big corporations, big money and big labor blended together under the manipulation and control of big government who now controlled most of both sides of the argument. This relationship is socialism.


Socialism benefits the ruling class at the expense of the people. The economic fuel for this debt and deficit is called taxes which must be paid by the people who are governed, to keep the game in play.


If the only source of revenue for the ruling class originated solely from the ruling class, then eventually the source would dry up. Waste and expenditure makes it so.


So the difference must come from the working class in order to keep the game in play for the ruling class. But as the public/private partnership model grows the money collected is not enough to sustain ruling class standards, so they borrow against the future taxes of our children.


Our hearts, minds and emotions are manipulated by public policy and we are given bogus targets for our angst such as corporations rich people social issues class envy and caring for the environment. That’s called politics.


But the root cause of most of our stress is found within the socialist structure of our own government in concert with the ruling class, their wasteful spending, their pet projects and funding for the false promises they make to us.


It’s not us we should be angry with… it’s them and so long as we allow them to deflect the blame and continue the game the weight of the fault lays upon our own shoulders.


We believe that money grows on trees and all services are possible based upon the false promises of our government and the ruling class which means they can keep on spending until we don’t have it and our children’s children are left with only a promise of debt for their future.


If you believe this and you are not part of the ruling class then you are a socialist who is acting against yourself in support of a parasitic system that continues to suck the marrow from your life. That’s why you are angry.


We abolished slavery only to line up for bondage. Free men found themselves with a challenge in that freedom meant they must fend and take responsibility for themselves. You can’t have it both ways.


Constitutionally the government is tasked to provide very few and well defined services at a meager expectation of compensation and it is otherwise supposed to stay well out of our business to take care of ourselves. If it did so we could afford it ourselves, without borrowing against the future of our children.


To be conservative means that we must live act and expect responsibly. Handouts aren’t part of the promise of freedom.


A Democratic candidate for US Senate from Alaska stated that President Barack Obama was irrelevant because he’s gone in two years, but it’s not about race and it’s not about the president.


These are not the policies of the president, rather the president currently presides over the policies. If socialism belonged to Barack Obama then he could take it with him when he goes.


There is one argument… Conservative or Socialist? That’s it. That is all you need to know and if you will take the time to consider the alternatives for your life, your children and your country, then your anger will reside, your responsibility will become clear and your compass needle will be straight.

An editorial written by - JS Hall  - Email: camaswindsmusic@yahoo.com


Steve’s 2014 votes

http://www.higherelevations.com/Steves 2014 votes.docx

Party choice candidates all fell Republican because I take exception to the expansion of government, regulations, rules, laws and otherwise meddling in my business against my will for my own good!


Top two Republican races I will not say, because there were some difficult choices and I liked all of the candidates who earned their way to the general election.


Un-opposed Democrats…? Nope. Why waste the ink? They’re just going to meddle in my life and think they have my blessing. They don’t!


Judicial positions were largely left unchecked. Mary Yu was appointed by Governor Inslee and Stephens by Governor Gregoire. Both governors have climate change prayer rugs and Mr. Inslee wants me to pay a buck more for my petrol.  So the gubernatorial endorsement supported my decision not to endorse them… and there was the SEIU and

WEA support, which is easy to vote against. read more


My Vote link to website




Will your vote count?




10/17/2014 Nobel Peace Prize




Common understanding




Difficult but not impossible




Time for a new direction




Look in the mirror slap your face




The Pearls B4 Pigs Banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America. more at Pearls B4 Pigs webpage


Remember Fallen Heroes


A Time of Remembrance

Was September 27, 2014, it is a statewide event planned to honor the families and comrades of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska's Fallen during this Global War on Terrorism. This tribute, being held in the cities of Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and West Richland, Washington, honor those who have died for their country and the families left behind. The 2014 "Time of Remembrance" committee, was leading this effort.

You might have seen Steve performing at these events with others. Please follow this link to see photos of the event.




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