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Higher Elevations Company is a personal site. JS Hall is owner of Higher Elevations, Camas Winds Music, author of Free Range Poetry, Free Radical Press, along with the book 'Spin Balance'

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Steve Hall (Singer/Songwriter) debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall—Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

The Pearls B4 Pigs

banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America.

PB4P webpage



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Free Radical Press


The Liar is still a liar

The opening statement is somewhat inflammatory, but in your heart do you have any doubt as to who the statement is talking about? Didn’t think so..read more


Julie Banderas

Fox News is a hetrophobe

Phil Robertson expressed in crude terms, his absence of understanding as to the orifice of preference, by males in the homosexual community. His observation by definition of the term was not only factual, but also an accurate assessment, pardon the pun..read more


A question of Socialism

You do not get to keep your health insurance. It was never intended that you would. The Affordable care act (Obamacare) is the conclusion of Liberty in America. There is no tomorrow that would change that and the damage has already been accomplished.. read more


Mr. President these people have names read more


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Features and resources to help tourists and natives explore historic Washington online or on foot. Maps @ Washington State Tourism

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Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall”

On September 5th, 2013, Singer/Songwriter Steve Hall debuted his new sample CD titled ‘Steve Hall-Not that Steve Hall’. The CD features two tracks, ’Can you feel it ‘, in which its motivations are personal and ‘My own Dylan song’, which he hopes will afford proper respect to the folk legend himself… Mr. Dylan. Songs to follow will include ‘Trouble’, ‘Dancing too close’, ‘Morning brew’ along with several others. A ’retro’ album is also planned in the future to include some classics mixed with some retro styling's of his own.

Tunecore is the home for distribution and administration of Steve’s works, which will be split between studio recordings that include contributions by Nashville recording artists, which Steve coins as the ‘Mugicians’, and ‘Shack’ recordings recorded primarily by himself.


Steve Hall “Not That Steve Hall” Album

Genre: Rock/Pop


Listen to Can You Feel It My Own Dylan Song (featuring the Nashville Mugicians)

Label: Camas Winds  Google Play Download

Watch my video Can you feel it



Spin Balance Book

(Preview) A story done by “Shall’  J.S. Hall

The book has reached page 380 now and we are actively seeking representation and weighing marketing options. Spin balance is estimated to conclude around page 500 so it’s getting close to completion, This story is told with prose and dialogue. Spin balance “Forbidden” read more


Political Writings


Steve’s 2014 votes

http://www.higherelevations.com/Steves 2014 votes.docx

Party choice candidates all fell Republican because I take exception to the expansion of government, regulations, rules, laws and otherwise meddling in my business against my will for my own good!


Top two Republican races I will not say, because there were some difficult choices and I liked all of the candidates who earned their way to the general election.


Un-opposed Democrats…? Nope. Why waste the ink? They’re just going to meddle in my life and think they have my blessing. They don’t!


Judicial positions were largely left unchecked. Mary Yu was appointed by Governor Inslee and Stephens by Governor Gregoire. Both governors have climate change prayer rugs and Mr. Inslee wants me to pay a buck more for my petrol.  So the gubernatorial endorsement supported my decision not to endorse them… and there was the SEIU and WEA support, which is easy to vote against.


Tell me, when was the last time a public worker was forced into a dangerous work practice? Because abuse and mistreatment are the only legitimate reasons to validate union organization and I have never seen any public employee subjected to such, so it makes me wonder why they are entitled to some unfunded mandatory benefits package for taking virtually no risk, especially when it’s on my dime.


I did pull the lever for Fairhurst who seems very well qualified and locally for Clay. Though there is a vacuum of information available don’t think for a second that any judicial position is non partisan after the way we have been abused by the courts in recent history. I’m just saying.


We need to disarm all of the law abiding citizens and charge them excessive fees to comply with all of the regulations the criminals could give a rat’s butt about, so vote for lots of false security… NOT!


I voted against the progressives on initiative 594 and against the Republicans on initiative  591… which means it was NO on 594 and NO on 591.


All of the extra meddling and taxing and regulating and “progressing” has netted Washington the 47th stupidest average in the nation, so good money after bad will not have as much affect as a little parental oversight and interest in our own children’s intellect will deliver.


Funny how more money and smaller class sizes will help our kids, but charter schools won’t.


I think the WEA has a problem with competition, likely because they were themselves prepared by the same squalor they now defend.


So before they hold their hands out once again, perhaps it’s time for a real conversation as to the best interests of our children and how about we use the old math that didn’t include feelings, confusion or ambiguity. The old math provided neuron connections that the new math doesn’t… NO on initiative 1351.


As for advisory vote No. 8, pot doesn’t qualify for an agricultural subsidy because it falls under the jurisdiction of a controlled substance. They wanted it, they got it, so let them fund it themselves.


Advisory vote No. 9 was so ambiguous I left it blank. Should the advance of a perceived influence of a non-disclosed postulation being endorsed be otherwise maintained or repealed? GIVE ME A BREAK! My dog thought the full explanation was a potty pad.


Finally, Howie Kubik got my vote as Public Utility Commissioner because nobody else wanted the job and he’s the only candidate who can’t actually hurt me, so long as he steers clear of UN Agenda 21. Too bad our local mayor didn’t exercise the same intelligence.


Mark my words, while many of these folks who preside over our society are idiots, they are anything but harmless in their intentions to “help us”. We need a 51% threshold, so that any candidate who can’t meet the 51% mark doesn’t get a say in our lives by default.


On a final lighter note there’s this… the horses who have diligently pulled the cart all of these years are beginning to retire and the effect is now becoming obvious on the workforce participation rate statistic. Soon the cart will stand idle leaving government with no one else to blame their mess on but government. Imagine being the fly on that wall.



Vote No on 594 and 591

My Vote link to website




Will your vote count?




10/17/2014 Nobel Peace Prize


The Nobel Society gave Barack Obama their coveted prize and now we’re at war in Iraq and Syria. Does that mean George W. Bush gets two awards, because when he left office we had won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I consider it a personal badge of honor that I haven’t received a Nobel Peace prize, because they used to mean something but today I don’t sense any standard left to it, except that most recipients lean left.



Common understanding


I believe it is possible for two people to share a union that encompasses one or more of the following specific focuses or disciplines of a relationship and I believe recognition of that union should be legitimate before the civil structure of an inclusive and tolerant society.read more



Difficult but not impossible


In a recent article titled ‘I wholeheartedly embrace…’ I wrote about the importance of unity going forward. That wasn’t just lip service or a box I had to check. Rather it’s a belief I hold that is fundamental to re-unite America.

Today I have two new friends who hold differing views than my own and I welcome them. read more



Time for a new direction


Vise president Joe Biden is a drama queen with his panties in a bunch. He shows up on the national scene spouting moral outrage and righteous indignation over ISIS beheading a second American journalist. read more



Look in the mirror slap your face




I wholeheartedly embrace \

http://www.higherelevations.com/I%20wholeheartedly 20embrace.docx

My brothers and sisters who demonstrate acceptance of themselves and all Americans to pursue happiness and contentment in life discarding the chains of racism that bind so many victims to the past. read more



The Pearls B4 Pigs Banner is dedicated to the “useful idiots”, which is not my quote, but rather one I believe was coined by the Black Panther movement and later embraced by the Progressive (Socialist) movement in America. more at Pearls B4 Pigs webpage


Remember Fallen Heroes


A Time of Remembrance

Was September 27, 2014, it is a statewide event planned to honor the families and comrades of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska's Fallen during this Global War on Terrorism. This tribute, being held in the cities of Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and West Richland, Washington, honor those who have died for their country and the families left behind. The 2014 "Time of Remembrance" committee, was leading this effort.

You might have seen Steve performing at these events with others. Please follow this link to see photos of the event.




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