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Do you hate being in church?
Don't you smile at others there? A real smile with your eyes and your heart not just your mouth? Doesn't it make you feel safe and good?

Don't you realize that we are always in church everyday everywhere we go? So don't fold your smile away neatly with your Sunday best. Wear it out because you can't wear it out.

Our smiles leave when we are concerned or afraid vigilant to anything that scares us. It's instinct and that's okay but remember the things that bother us are just potholes in the road and there's a lot of road between them.

The lines and wrinkles that age us should be smiley lines not smiley lines turned upside down.

Because there's also a lot of God's grace between each pothole.

So as we drive down the road of life we shouldn't be bitter about pot holes just smiley people with bad suspension.






Remember the people of Charleston South Carolina. Effort to learn from them. Let their hearts be our guide and the key for our future together as a nation of Americans.


We can erase every word in every dictionary and hateful minds filled with sick and pathetic dementia will coin new words to quantify their fear because to mire in their coveting self-doubt while denying it with angry arrogance and faux pride is all they have. It becomes all they are.


Not Charleston…


Charleston shows us that we as people living next to people have a clear choice in how we do that.


Government cannot erase words fears or attitudes by declaration or law. The more government tries to do the more it creates words of separation amplification of fears and agitation of attitudes because government is a product of man and politics is the practice of separation.


Charleston did not seek solution from government. Instead they chose faith love and faith in love. Words of faith in each other, in God and forgiveness brought Charleston together, filled them with love and said “fear go away… you have no home here.”


Charleston chose to forgive which is deeply important and not to be overlooked.


Forgiving serves no benefit to evil nor to the person forgiven who lacked the ability to comprehend the magnitude of their act prior to it and may possess no true remorse following. Instead, forgiving serves to evict dark evil known as vengeance from our souls that would trap us in the moment and cloud our memories honoring those we loved and lost for all they mean to us.


As long as you have a dog on a leash, you are trapped by the other end of that leash. Forgiveness allows you to let that dog go.


Race politicians desire to use Charleston to promote their arguments about institutional racism… interesting word “institutional”. Sounds big doesn’t it? Did you ever hear of two idiots forming an institution? And, if one or two idiots chose to institute racism, how far do you think that would go in America?


No… “Institutions” represents something much larger such as clicks or gangs or political parties democracies or government bodies because anything that approaches these magnitudes has the potential to be very influential in our lives.


Some institutions can be trusted such as institutions of knowledge that tell us that leaping from a very tall cliff can have a very bad ending. Some not so much as they employ any degree of corruption to sustain their charter.


Our lives are filled with examples of well-meaning inefficient and corrupt institutions inundating our aspirations with mediocrity. That was the motivation for our Founding Fathers (or Parents) to provide us with a document of restriction to limit the size and scope of our institution called government from permeating its influence upon us.


That document of restriction is called the US Constitution and some of the people in the institution known as our government would like us to believe that those initial words “We the People” refers to them. It does not because even though they may be part of us that does not include them to be all of us.


That is the clear line of demarcation between conservatism and socialism. Socialists love and believe in institutions such as government that plan our lives for us and conservatives believe that all government is inherently evil and that less government is less evil.


No matter the course our future continues upon pay attention to these distinctions for yourself and you will ultimately determine which choice in instinctual for you.


But today is a new day and Charleston serves as a beautiful illustration of a future we could seek together as people. Imagine if Charleston sparked the light of the future for an institution we know as America… an institution of hope faith love and freedom.


Thank you Charleston for showing us the way. From now on whenever confronted with doubt I will seek and choose Charleston and hope you do the same.






Snap Mail

Before I was a programmer but while I was a singer-songwriter who still dabbles in poetry and plays guitar, I spent four years in the Intelligence Command of the US Military.


Day in and day out eight hours a day for three and a half years I sat at a rack in a bay without windows collecting intelligence that included Top Secret/Special Compartmental Information and none of it was marked as classified…


Because everything I did there was and is still to this day classified.


So I find it vile and disgusting when anyone tries to perpetrate a lie that they have done no wrong because none of the information was “marked classified”.


And my opinion which I am entitled to, is that the deleted information included secrets and other treasonous information used for blackmail and power and it was traded to foreign entities for $500,000.00 speaking fees totaling 250 million dollars.


Blackmail and plausible deniability requires a private email server. It’s as simple as that.


Oops, did I say that out loud? Damn straight… no one else has. Of course if the server hadn’t been wiped clean there might have been information on it to dispute my opinion. Too bad… I guess we will never know.


Everyone deletes email.


No one deletes email, scrubs the server, destroys the backups and eliminates the witness trail over cooking recipes unless there is really something special about what they were and may still be cooking.  (Caution, the preceding was embellished and inflammatory rhetoric.)


So if you had a server with all of this power fortune and blackmail material on it, would you completely destroy the information without creating a backup on a tape or thumb drive that could be hidden almost anywhere?


Some potential leaders desperately need a completely naive and illiterate electorate. Are you willing to be that electorate?






Things to think about

“The Supreme Court Is the one with sausage onions and bell peppers”.



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