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Mirror mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall, who can deceive the most of all?


The single reason why most of the things the President the President’s administration and the President’s political party say seem to make no sense at all is because they are 180 degrees out of phase with reality.


When you look in a mirror the image you see is reversed. It is ‘opposite’ of the truth. When you view everything President Barrack Obama says through a mirror it begins to make sense.


In Boolean Algebra there is a function called the NOT function. It is annotated by a straight horizontal line above the Boolean function it is intended to reverse. This is confusing for 26 percent of the American people who fail to understand the distinction of the line. For them, if they are still listening by the end of any sentence, the easiest way to clarify it for them is to add the word ‘not’ to the statement.


For Example,

Taking in 40,000 Syrian refugees poses no threat to the security of the United States… not.

Closing Guantanamo is in the best interests of the United States… not.

Sergeant Bow Bergdall is an American hero… not.

Illegal immigration positively impacts the prosperity of the United States… not.

US borders are more secure now than they have ever been… not.

ISIS is a JV (Junior Varsity) team… not.

Al-Qaida is defeated and on the run… not.

ISIS is contained and no longer an issue of concern… not.

The attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya was due to an internet video… not.

If you like your doctor and your insurance plan you can keep them… not.

The US economy has turned the corner and our darkest days are behind us… not.

President Obama always acts to defend America and uphold the US Constitution… not.

There is not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS… not.

Hillary Clinton’s private server posed no threat to US security… not.

It is inevitable that the four percent of the electorate who promote climate change, social justice and political correctness over the interests of the Constitution, economy, our heritage and security will succeed at ‘Wagging the dog’ and fundamentally transforming America… not.

“All of my leaders assure me that we are winning the war against ISIS.” This statement is true,  but it requires the qualification that non of President Obama’s ‘leaders’ actually work for or at the Pentagon or any agency or department charged with the security of the United States.


The beauty of the NOT function is that it doesn’t only work for President Barrack Obama, but rather that it seems to work effectively for all present and former spokespersons and officials of his administration.


In closing I desperately plea that we need to turn our focus NOT on the 74 percent of Americans who agree to issues such as ‘America needs to be safe, secure and prosperous’ and focus instead on studying the phenomenon of the 26 percent that believe otherwise. After all, if you have a flat tire it is best to concentrate on the three remaining good ones… not.


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American Gold or Golden Calf?


As an ADD millennial, your lack of attention to current events could get you killed. The US dollar is not going to protect you. You are standing at the edge of a cliff. Your own government is standing below with open arms saying ‘trust me, I will catch your fall… go ahead and jump’.


A Democrat named John F Kennedy was POTUS the last time there was a selective service draft. President Obama just decided to keep ten thousand US troops in Afghanistan. Do you know why?


I’ll tell you why I think he did it. Russia’s Vladimir Putin kicked sand in US President Obama’s face, in Ukraine, in Syria, in the face of our Middle East allies and world opinion. What they see is a smiley Barack Obama skipping around with a daisy in his hand singing about ‘Climate change’.


So a very scared very unsettled Barack Obama needed to save face but do so in a manner that wouldn’t escalate reprise from the bully Vladimir Putin. Obama needed a target of response that wouldn’t threaten Mr. Putin’s agenda. That target was Afghanistan.


However, President Obama didn’t elect to place a ‘don’t mess with me’ force of thirty thousand troops and remove their handcuffs so they could go to Afghanistan and squash ISIS like the bugs that they are. No, ten thousand troops was adequate to kick the can down the road just as Mr. Putin has been kicking Mr. Obama’s can down the road.


If this capricious game escalates, you could eventually be drafted to serve in it, because it’s the footprint that grew into the Vietnam war.


Hillary Clinton’s ‘Global Initiative Foundation’ in combination with her position as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton’s half-million dollar speaking fees, Sidney Blumenthal’s arms mediation in Benghazi Libya and ambassador Christopher Stevens position there, that ultimately resulted in his and three other Americans death are all tied together in this mess.


Ambassador Stevens wanted out or he wanted protection and his requests were unanswered, as if he was a liability searching for a solution. When that solution presented itself, it was falsely blamed on an internet video for nearly two weeks.


You as an ADD millennial are supposed to look the other way and accept the payoff of free healthcare, free college, free welfare, free abortion and a fifteen dollar minimum wage.


If you believe that the government is the answer for your life then you need to start skipping around with a daisy singing about ‘Climate change’.


All you have to do is trade in your freedom, prosperity, hope, gun and bible, because the proof of government sourced utopia is alive and well in the inner cities of America. Jobs are gone, businesses are gone, prosperity and hope are all gone replaced with dope, government mandates and public assistance.


More of this can only promise more of the same and if that is indeed what you want then you need to vote for socialism. But socialism is not going to save America. Public Private Partnerships where rich friends of the ruling class promote ‘crony capitalism’ will never see you as more than livestock.


Taxes and regulations are in place to protect the fascist status quo. They believe with some proof that you are so stupid that they can actually solicit your support to champion your cause against themselves. And you buy in at table stakes with your ignorance… the root word being ignore, as you continue to ignore what’s going on around you.


The dollar was moved off of the ‘gold standard’ and replaced with promissory notes backed by confidence in the Federal Government. There is no magic gold mine to return the value to the dollar as parasitic inflation devours it from within. It decays in your savings, your stocks and your wallet.


And that’s the ‘good news’!


But it is not ALL of the good news, because if you will simply look in any mirror I can show you the endless vane of gold that will save America… it’s you.


You who are lost to poverty in the inner city, you who are homeless, you on the way to bankruptcy, you afraid to walk out at night, you discouraged and reluctant to invest. You are our gold. You have a talent, perhaps several and soon as you are willing to stand up and walk with that talent you have worth.


The government can’t give it to you or take it away from you.


Jobs, manufacturing and money have existed throughout the world for all time. On the level playing field of prosperity the United States of America vaulted to the pinnacle because we received a Constitution from our founding fathers that limited the intrusion of government in our lives so that we could pursue our own happiness.


Our incentive was to survive, with grace, humility and civility. We were a decent society with humble aspirations and a good work ethic. Most people found strength through their faith and those without faith found strength in each other… none sat on their laurels waiting for government to save them.


Until the elite introduced the ‘Great Society’ and our society has only managed to erode ever since.


Political correctness sprouted under the charter of confronting bullies, until is secured itself as the most intolerant and biggest bully of all. And while the royals grace us with our token rights those same ‘women’s rights’ are responsible for the greatest genocide of black lives the world has ever known.


Will we pay attention? Will we discover our gold as it exists in each of us? Will we come together and turn our backs on the politics of division?


Or will we continue to worship the golden calf of government?


It’s up to you.




Valuable words


If a Bill Clinton speech is worth half-a million US dollars to any foreign entity that has an interest in the affairs of the United States, as evident by the substantial number of speeches given during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as the US Secretary of State, then we must assume that a single word has a substantial monetary value.


And if that is indeed so, then any speech or public statement by President Barrack Obama is an incredible waste of currency. Perhaps there is some twelve step program for repetitive presidential rhetoric. It is not that the American people are too stupid to ‘get’ what you are saying Mr. President, rather it’s that you don’t .


If ISIS is the “JV team” and “Climate change” is the real threat, consider that if ISIS gains control of Pakistan, they will have the capacity to launch inter-continental ballistic global warming.


President Obama, please do not pretend that your disposition of leadership cowardice is based on your intent to prevent harm from coming to our courageous sons and daughters because your lack of military resolve and word comprehension, specifically Muslim Extremism, is at the heart of their peril.


Our sons and daughters are our national treasure and you sir are not worthy to carry their water. You apparently lack the capacity to understand that. So as a veteran and military parent, which gives me standing, don’t continue to insult myself or my child with your disingenuous and pacifist concern.





Do you hate being in church?

Don't you smile at others there? A real smile with your eyes and your heart not just your mouth? Doesn't it make you feel safe and good?

Don't you realize that we are always in church everyday everywhere we go? So don't fold your smile away neatly with your Sunday best. Wear it out because you can't wear it out.

Our smiles leave when we are concerned or afraid vigilant to anything that scares us. Its instinct and that's okay but remember the things that bother us are just potholes in the road and there's a lot of road between them.

The lines and wrinkles that age us should be smiley lines not smiley lines turned upside down.

Because there's also a lot of God's grace between each pothole.

So as we drive down the road of life we shouldn't be bitter about pot holes just smiley people with bad suspension.

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Things to think about

“The Supreme Court is the one with sausage onions and bell peppers”.


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is a personal site. 

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Author of Free Range Poetry

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